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Jamaica Weddings on the Beach

Many people dream of a white wedding, but have you ever considered a wedding in the white sand of Jamaica's seven mile Negril Beach? Jamaica weddings are fast becoming a popular and exotic alternative to traditional
wedding ceremonies.

Negril Beach is located on Jamaica's western coast, and is known to Jamaican's and people all over the world as one of the most beautiful places in all of Jamaica. You could scarcely find a more spectacular and romantic setting for your special day anywhere in the world.

Jamaica weddings offer fun, adventure and excitement that cannot be matched by more traditional ceremonies. Negril has long been a popular spot to escape into a world of sun, sand, and lush green foliage.

What better place to create those cherished memories than a tropical beach at sunset, with warm waves lapping softly at your feet. Exchanging vows while the tropical sun dips slowly in to the sea is not a setting you'll easily find with a traditional wedding ceremony.

Sunset is probably the most popular and beautiful time in Negril for very good reason. Facing westward out to the Caribbean Sea, every evening Negril is graced with some of the most dazzling and colorful displays of light and color that you'll find anywhere in the world. Couples from all over the globe come to Negril every year to tie the knot in this most spectacular and exciting areas in all of the Caribbean.

The soft white sand, warm waves, and romance of Jamaica invite you and your loved ones to come and share a wedding experience unequaled anywhere in the world. A Jamaica wedding on Negril Beach will create cherished memories of your special day that cannot be equaled in any other way.

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